Friday, June 26, 2009

DIGBMX Magazine Issue #71 Out Now

The new issue of DIGBMX just came out, I recently became a staff photographer for DIG and couldn't be more psyched. This issue has an article named "New Day Rising" which I photographed Lee Dennis (St. Catherine's, Canada) and Aaron Smith (New Hampshire) for.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ride UK Mag Issue 129 - Kink RoadTrip

The new issue of Ride UK is out now. It has an eight page article I shot from a trip with the Kink Team down to Arizona in February.

ESPN June Zoom Gallery

The June ESPN zoom gallery just popped up. I have a photo of Brian Kachinsky (DK Bicycles) in there from College Park, Maryland. Here is the link to check that out.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Credence Gypsy Tour Photos on DIGBMXMAG

Just got home late last night from one hell of a trip! Clint had the veggie mobile running smooth the entire time. The trip consisted mostly of rain, slingshots and paint balls, rain, cement park, rain, a little bit of trails, rain, sleeping outside, rain, and just overall greatness.We stayed mostly in Yeagle's stomping grounds of Pittsburgh, but made our way around the east coast. The article is going to be in DIG issue 72, for now check out some snapshots from the trip here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

FBM Gypsy Caravan Tour 2009

I am heading out on the FBM Gypsy Caravan Tour with Credence Bikes, should be pretty wild! Going to try and update this with photos from the trip whenever I can. For now, here are some snapshots from work Redemption Tattoo.

Ben McClellan

Sneaking up on Salty.

Mike Shea

Salty Dave

Mike creeping out the back door.

Dino giving coco a hug.

Josh Mcalear looking like a twelve year old boy.

Dino works next door, he has a middle finger on his back. He rules.

I'll be back at my "office" the 22nd. Erick Lynch somehow escaped the camera... for now!