Sunday, November 29, 2009


Went home to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving with the family.

My buddy Zach Sky came home from NYC for the holiday so I headed over there later that night.

Zach's mom played a few songs on the acoustic guitar for us, she has an amazing voice! So are Zach's frosted tips in this photo.

Chad made a new friend while in Boston. Chad is a very talented photographer, check out his work here.

Ryan also came along and left his mark on Boston. Another great photographer, take a look at his site here.

This wasn't from Thanksgiving, but it pretty much sums up how I felt that night.

Gina and Tyler

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

forest bound - harvest series shoot

Alice Saunders has been a friend of mine for many moons now. So when she asked me to photograph a new series of bags she created I was happy to do it! I figured I'd put up a few of my favorite shots here. Check out the links below to view the full series and more photographs. (more photos from the shoot here) (purchase bags here)

Jr & Kat's Halloween Wedding

A few polaroids from Jr and Kat's wedding on All Hallows’ Eve.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Props Video Magazine & DIGBMXMAG "Issue 73"

Tom blyth from the UK was in Boston over the summer with the FBM guys and we ended up shooting a few photos. One of them made it to the back cover of this months Props Video Magazine.It is the photograph on the left.

Here is another one of Tom from the same day. (The sequence of the up to bar is in this months DIG)

Also, the new DIGBMX MAGAZINE "Issue 73" is on newsstands now. I have a trip I did with Kink Bikes all around central Canada in there along with a few other pieces.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baltimore Weekend

I have been to Baltimore a handful of times now and every time I try to give it another chance. However, this is how I usually end up feeling about the city.

Here is one reason why this place doesn't suck. Hanging out with Albie made the trip worth it.

Towson had a bunch of decent stuff to ride but Burns ended up pretty much murdering himself...

Skin on the sidewalk.

A few snaps from the shop. Salty Dave (redemption tattoo)


Josh working on some Yersinia Pestis art work. A new distribution project he is working on, the site will have all sorts of goodies soon enough.

Ben wouldn't let me shoot his photo.