Saturday, February 21, 2009


Bought a few disposable cameras to annoy everyone on the Kink Bikes trip with. The photo of Aaron above was not shot with a disposable. He didn't pull it though, so does that make it disposable? I have to plug the video one more time, Darryl did such a wicked job on it. Watch it here.

Weekend at KC's

Jay and his comfort item, his phone?

Jay making power plays and eating well.

Billy learned how to taxidermy and steal Jay's shirt.

Looks pretty good, the Boston flying rat is in the mail Billy.

Charlton with toothpaste colored eyes after eating everyone's brushes.

I made Darryl sit here by these cactus's. Being from the North East I couldn't get enough of them.

Tom falling victim to the cheese grater ditch.

Tony Kent, just after flying in from saving some trees.

Sean, Charlton and friends.

Billy getting crushed by the weeks worth of refreshments.

Darryl the only smoker on Kink decided to skip the machine and blow it up himself.

No lazy person goes out every night!

KC Creeper with a real AZ meal.

Megan no H

Tom and Tony after pissing off the roof and jumping in.

Tony probably farting.

Darryl brought the Philly with him.


Darryl and some trees.

KC told me at 26 a beer gut appears, no matter what.

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