Saturday, September 5, 2009

Perfomer Cover, NYC, SF Mouse & Random Update

Met up with the Magic Magic boys to shoot some photos a bit back for NorthEast Performer Mag and they made it on the cover! Psyched. These are a few single portraits we shot while sweating in the practice space.

Took the "Fung Wah" back to Boston from NYC last night, trip was pretty decent. Thanks to Max, Zach and everyone else for the wicked apartment to crash in.

What most of our days consisted of.

The Aussies had never been to NYC before so we did some tourist stuff, Times Square.

Click this photo of Jamie and check out the dude in the car, pretty hilarious.

Colt "Lion King" Fake

One of my best friends Francesca is making the move to San Fran. I have photographed her more than any other person I know, I'll miss you mouse. Don't worry I'll come visit!

Yeagle from the Credence Bikes Gypsy Tour photo up on the ESPN "Zoom Gallery" this month.

The rest of the Credence Gypsy Tour photos and story are in this months issue of DIGBMXMAG.

Yeagle swamp swimming.

Clint sleeping under eighteen wheeler.

Ben mourning MJ.

Albie end of summer in Boston.


the snail and the cyclops said...

mouse! I'm here! I already started setting up nest. Hopefully by the time you get here it will be cozy!! So get here soon!

Jordache said...

These last two shots are awesome perfection!

jeff allen said...

Albie is a character...! Thanks