Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baltimore Weekend

I have been to Baltimore a handful of times now and every time I try to give it another chance. However, this is how I usually end up feeling about the city.

Here is one reason why this place doesn't suck. Hanging out with Albie made the trip worth it.

Towson had a bunch of decent stuff to ride but Burns ended up pretty much murdering himself...

Skin on the sidewalk.

A few snaps from the shop. Salty Dave (redemption tattoo)


Josh working on some Yersinia Pestis art work. A new distribution project he is working on, the site will have all sorts of goodies soon enough.

Ben wouldn't let me shoot his photo.


Christine said...

I really love the one of Josh with the flash wall behind him. Keep shooting always.

mcalear said...

Me too Christine, you have a good eye girl.